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Kindermusik Virtual Level 3 Preview Class

Ages 2.5 to 5

Age Range: Newborn – 7 years - ALL INCLUSIVE program which means one monthly fee includes all children in your home and any and all classes that run each week. Come and go as you wish. There are many online activities each week that you can join in on. Classes run approximately 45 minutes. We're really excited about you becoming a part of our musical family. Our classes are all set and ready for you to join in. Ready to head right to our preview class signup? Click this link:

Research tells us that Kindermusik impacts your child’s brain and body development. We know connecting through music has an incredible power to promote calm, strengthen bonds, and help little ones grow and learn while getting the wiggles out. Enjoying it safely at home will alleviate stress, and create beautiful bonding moments as a family. Once registered, we email login info to you, allowing you to join the classes. All you have to do is log in from your device or connect us to your TV. You and your little one will be able to participate with our educators and other children in real time! We use Zoom, a platform that allows all of us to see each other so that we can still feel connected to our community. A recommended “prop” list is supplied each week for class (all things you can find around your home). Bring all of your favorite instruments and prepare to sing, dance, and play along at home.
Kindermusik Virtual Level 3 Preview Class
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11:00 AM
Ages 2.5 - 5
45 minutes
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$5 for one week of virtual Kindermusik classes at Grow and Sing Studios. This includes all children in your home and all classes offered within the week! Offer may only be claimed once. One offer per family, If you would like to view the full schedule, copy/paste the following link into your browser:

Ms. Holly & Team

Ms. Holly & Team

Holly Lesnick has had a love for music her entire life. She is a graduate of Florida State University School of Music in Voice, and holds a Bachelors of Music in Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology. Holly is a Licensed Kindermusik Educator and Founder/Owner/Director of Grow and Sing Studios. She has been teaching Kindermusik classes since November, 2002, and has loved every minute of it. Her studio has achieved the Kindermusik Top Program award for many years from Kindermusik International. Her program has won countless awards including Best Music Class and Best Party Entertainer in the Orlando Nickelodeon Parent’s Picks Awards, Family Favorite Music Studio by Playground Magazine, and Best Music Class, Best Music Lessons, Best Party Entertainment and Best Photobooth in the Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Awards. Most recently Holly was recognized as a Brand Ambassador by Kindermusik International. In addition to leading an amazing team of Kindermusik Educators at Grow and Sing Studios, Holly is a Kindermusik University Coach for Kindermusik International, training brand new Kindermusik studio owners all over the country. She is the co-creator of the DVD “Connect Through Music” which was a program embraced by libraries nationwide. Her mission is to reach as many families as possible with Kindermusik. Holly has previously worked as a Music Therapist, Activities Director and Private Vocal Instructor, sharing her high energy and love for music with high quality leadership, guidance and education. Holly is a proud mother of two children who sincerely believes in the value of early childhood music education. She looks forward to continuing her Kindermusik journey for years to come while spending the rest of her time at home raising her daughter Anna and her son Aiden. She is honored to be part of such an amazing program and a large international network of licensed Kindermusik educators.

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Studio Policy

1. Terms: You are financially responsible for the entire class tuition amount. Pro-rating will be allowed during registration time only. Classes are filled first come, first serve.

2. I understand that subscription is not a contract in that I can cancel at any time during the school year, but my cancellation must be sent to the Grow and Sing Studios office by email (to BEFORE the 1st of the upcoming month. I understand that since all charges are made automatically on the 1st, once a charge is processed, refunds will not be given and cancellation will be made for any future months. I understand that since Summer sessions are fixed session amounts no cancellations or refunds within two weeks of session start date. I understand that if I have registered for a preview class, I will only be charged one fixed amount.

3. I understand that my credit card will show payment to Grow and Sing Studios.

4. I do hereby release and forever discharge GROW AND SING STUDIOS, it's employees, agents, directors, officers and any affiliate associated with GROW AND SING STUDIOS and the owners of any facilities where classes are held from any and all actions, claims, and demands for, upon, or by reason of damage, loss, or personal injury which may be sustained by my child or myself during the course of, or as a result of, this musical activity.

5. I understand that my student is enrolled in a class through GROW AND SING STUDIOS and said class is being held at our current locations. However, I understand that they will not be supervised by any employee or member of our current locations, and agree to release our current locations from any responsibility for my child. I understand that any and all questions, communications, and payments in reference to my child's Kindermusik class will be directed to GROW AND SING STUDIOS, and not our current locations. Furthermore, I will not hold our current locations or any of its employees or representatives responsible for any injury that might occur at our current locations before, after, or during my child's participation of class through GROW AND SING STUDIOS.

6. Makeup Classes – Due to our limit on class sizes, and our attempt to limit your exposure to different people week to week, we will not allow in-person makeup classes at this time. If you miss a class, contact us at with the subject “makeup class”, and we’ll give you our schedule for virtual makeup opportunities. These do require reservations. Each month a mixed age makeup class will be offered on either a Monday or Friday. Please email for schedule. Also available will be monthly virtual lullabies which you can attend as well!

7. In the event of an imminent hurricane or other natural disaster, keep a look at what school districts are doing regarding closures. For the county your CLASS is in, please check their websites/social media to see if that county's schools are open or closed. You can also keep an eye on the news for school closures or on their respective websites or facebook pages. When possible, we'll schedule a hurricane makeup opportunity. We do not offer or process refunds that occur which affects our programming caused by hurricane, fire, flood, government requirement, civil or military authority, act of God, or other similar causes beyond our control as this is not the fault or negligence of Grow and Sing Studios.

8. I understand that I may receive a 3rd party survey from Kindermusik International sometime during my session with Grow and Sing Studios.